EV Route Planner and Charging Assistant

A revolution in how rapid charging options are presented to electric vehicle drivers

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Why should you use WattsUp?

Accurate distances

All routes are calculated in realtime using the Apple mapping engine


New chargers are shown as soon as they are commissioned by network operators

New to EVs?

WattsUp makes it easy to see your charging options

WattsUp is the app that you’ve been waiting for.

Enjoy the ability to easily view a chosen route knowing that the charger information is comprehensive and precise. Say goodbye to route planning which involves spreadsheets, calculators and uncertainty!


WattsUp is designed to run on your phone whilst driving to a destination. Distance and charger status update in realtime!

  • Comprehensive UK Coverage

    We include all rapid chargers from every network operator in the UK.

  • Live Status

    Whenever possible, WattsUp will show you the live operational status of chargers on your route.

  • Low on charge? We can help!

    WattsUp can show you the nearest rapid chargers from your location.



WattsUp will show you all of the rapid chargers on your journey from every operator.

Real-world Distance

See actual driving distances to chargers - and watch them update whilst en route! - allowing you to drive with confidence.

Live Status

When available, WattsUp will show you the operational status of your chosen chargers. Be forewarned if a charger isn’t working and choose an alternative before you arrive.

Nearest Chargers

In a pinch? Easily find your nearest compatible chargers (and see how close they are in driving miles).


Missed the announcement of a new charger? Don’t worry, we’ll have them in the app.

Smart Filters

We’ll only show you the rapid charging connector(s) that are compatible with your vehicle.

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WattsUp is available for iPhones and Android.

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The app works in the UK, Ireland and New Zealand. We plan to expand further over the coming months.